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MIND TO MOVE is a mindful movement practice devised and delivered by Julia James-Griffiths, initially out of The Box Project in 2016.

The practice focuses on supporting mental health and well-being needs through mindful relaxation and movement; connecting the mind and body together to bring release.

Mind To Move is inter-generational and open to all levels and abilities - an opportunity for individuals of various ages and backgrounds to come together under the common theme and understanding of mental health.

There are now two strands to Mind To Move - Mind To Move Workshops and Mind To Move Classes.


A part of The Box Project involves delivering free Mind To Move Workshops, specifically for those with experience of mental health issues; no dance experience is necessary. The focus of these workshops has so far been to reach adults aged from 18 to 65+, but Julia has also delivered Mind To Move Workshops within secondary schools.


Each workshop involves discussion, relaxation and movement improvisation exercises, and an excerpt sharing of The Box;  a dance theatre piece that explores the impact of depression and how our society responds to it.  Further information and dates for upcoming workshops can be found on the Mind To Move Workshops page.

Unlike Mind To Move Classes, Mind To Move Workshops are free and are usually only delivered  as a part of the touring of The Box and The Box | A Glimpse.

To find out more about The Box  Project, watch the 5 minute documentary below.


Mind To Move Classes, unlike the workshops, do not involve a sharing of The Box or discussions about the subject of mental health issues. The classes are open for anyone with or without experience of mental health issues and involve mindful relaxation and movement-based exercises. They also run regularly.

For more information, go to our Mind To Move Classes page.

MIND TO MOVE on Facebook

We have a Mind To Move group on Facebook for both past attendees and those interested in attending a Mind To Move Workshop or Class.

The group is a space where like-minded people with an interest in mental health and movement can connect, and also receive updates about upcoming Mind To Move workshops and classes or other related events.

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