All photography by Sid Scott

" nothing else I ever encountered before...powerful"  

- Markus Helbig 

Choreography & Direction: Julia James-Griffiths

Dancers: Amelia McCarthy, Alex McCabe / Oliver Sale, Amy Robertson, Lucy May Wilson

Lighting Design: Simon Gane

Producer: Jennifer Philips

“The work is that rare and beautiful combination of exquisite choreography and thought provoking social commentary presented with flare, feeling and humour…” Steve Slater, Artistic Director of Citymoves






1 in 4 of us live in The Box at some point. What are we going to do about it?


The Box is a full-length dance theatre piece that explores the impact depression can have on an individual, and how our society responds to it; in a way that is innovative, creative, yet accessible.

Through movement, and the playful use of text / spoken word and the physical elements found and used for depression / mental health issues, the work explores the idea of confinement, in its various forms, and what can be produced from it.

During the research and development stage of the work in 2016, the work in-progress of The Box was shown at The Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival / SMHAF as part of a double bill with Ema Jayne Park / Cultured Mongrel and their work 'Thinking In First Person', and at Dancelive Festival in Aberdeen as part of a triple bill event 'Approaches to Dance Making' .


During the creation stage of the work in 2017, an excerpt of the work in-progress was also shown at 5 Ways To Begin Glasgow and Dance Base.


The Box premiered  in May  2018 at Assembly Roxy, as part of the Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival 18, and will begin touring in Autumn 2019.

For tour dates please visit the upcoming shows page.

The Box project also involves the delivery of Mind To Move community workshops, for those with experience of mental health issues.

For more information, please visit Mind To Move.

This project is supported by Creative Scotland, ThinkBig,  Citymoves Dance Agency, Dance Base, The Work Room, Future Perfect, North Edinburgh Arts Centre, CAPS Independent Advocacy, SMHAF, Crowdfunding, and mentorship from Christine Devaney via Curious Seed's Creative Learning Programme.

For performance dates please click here

"Perfectly expressed" 

Audience member, Dancelive 16

"It was such a beautiful piece, and spoke with such clarity to the issues, and with images conjured so cleverly together... I was super-impressed" 


Luke Holbrook, Programmer Assembly Roxy

"Brilliant. An accurate portrayal."  

Audience member, SMHAF 2016

"James-Griffiths' work is undeniably evocative...a beautifully raw depiction of inner turmoil and the struggles of the human shows that dance theatre can speak a thousand powerful words."  


Rosalind Roux, Talking Heads reporter. For full review, please click here


"Real, honest, relatable"

Audience member, 5 Ways To Begin... 2017

"Powerful. A brilliant performance. Dance isn't usually something I relate to but found this very inspiring and easy to interpret with my own experience of mental illness. Definitely recommend seeing this!!"  

Angela McCrimmon, award-winning author of

'Can you hear me now?'

“It’s rare to see mental health portrayed in such a true and honest way.”

“I was in tears…moved and startled…nailed it.” 


“I was captivated...The use of dance, humour, and drama to demonstrate a genuine empathy for mental health issues was so clever, well-constructed and engaging.”


Audience members, SMHAF 18

“I find it’s much more accurate than what I’ve seen so far in social media or even by mental health professionals.”

Mind To Move participant 17


@ 2015 by Julia James-Griffiths. All rights reserved.

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