Photo by Sid Scott

The BoX 



Choreography & Direction: Julia James-Griffiths

Dancers: Alex McCabe, Amy Robertson, Julia James-Griffiths

Producer: Jennifer Philips

The Box | A Glimpse is a short dance theatre piece based on the full-length piece of The Box. The work looks into the subject of depression and the impact it can have on an individual.

The intention behind creating this work is to enable The Box to be taken to more platforms and venues, as well as unconventional spaces, that don't cater for full-length works or productions.

The development of the short work began in October 2018 during a residency at The Work Room / Tramway, and continued in June 2019 involving a residency at Dance Base.  The finished work was presented in August 2019 as part of Dance Base's Festival Fringe programme Heads Up.

The short work of The Box is a part of The Box Project, which also involves the delivery of Mind To Move Workshops for those with experience of mental health issues.


For more information about The Box please click here, and for Mind To Move please click here.

“Touching, thought provoking, and so relevant. Beautiful too!”

“Emotive, expressive, captivating”

“Extremely moving performance to witness and experience. Raw, real, revealing”

“A truly amazing piece of work. It moved me so much”


- Audience members, Dance Base Festival 19

"Very striking"

"Extremely powerful piece with impactful movement and dialogue that emphasised the important theme of the piece"



- Audience members, The Work Room residency sharing 18


"It was amazing, well developed and grounded in research and real emotion"

" captures and visualises the struggles perfectly"

"The work rendered something invisible visible"

- Mind To Move participants 18

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