by Julia James-Griffiths


This work is inspired by those who work hard behind the scenes to create and stage a piece for a performance; with a particular focus on stage managers, lighting technicians and costume makers.


The process of this work involved exploring the view from a technician and a costume maker. The idea of the work was to give the audience a brief insight into what happens behind the scenes.

Apart from this exploration being a source of inspiration for the piece, the intention was also to encourage the audience to think more about the people who are involved in making and staging a piece of work; rather then the primary focus perhaps just being on the dancers who they can see performing it on stage.


This work was choreographed on HND and BA students of the Scottish School of Contemporary Dance, and supported by The Space.

Special thanks to:


PAUL GAMMIE - Stage Manager

PAMELA BURNS - Costume Maker

DAVID SMOUT - Lighting Technician

LIAM JOHNSTON - Videographer

@ 2015 by Julia James-Griffiths. All rights reserved.

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