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Digital Fringe in Communities

Commission for Fringe Days Out

Julia has been one of three artists selected by the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society to deliver a Fringe Days Out online project for the Edinburgh community, alongside lead project mentor Melanie Jordan. For her online project, Julia will be sharing her Mind To Move practice and excerpts of The Box - a dance theatre piece that explores the impact of depression.

The Fringe Days Out programme:

"The Fringe Society works hard to involve all of Edinburgh’s communities in the Fringe, especially those who experience barriers to participating in the festival (be they financial, geographical, physical or something else).

Our Fringe Days Out programme connects the Fringe Society to over 30 community organisations, to build year-round relationships and help community members take advantage of opportunities presented by the festival on their doorstep. Since 2017, the programme has enabled nearly 10,000 free visits to the Fringe for local Edinburgh residents at risk of social isolation.

We understand that some community groups find accessing the Fringe challenging and the circumstances of COVID-19 and the subsequent cancellation of Festival Fringe 2020, has led to those communities not being able to connect with artists in usual ways. To that end, we’re commissioning Fringe participants to work with us to bring their digital ideas to life and engage and inspire those communities. 

Artist Julia James-Griffiths will work with us, the project mentor and the community group to develop and deliver digital interventions, based on an initial proposal put forward by the artist."

More information will be shared about the project via our social media and online platforms.


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