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Mind To Move classes - official launch

Message from Julia James-Griffiths:

I am excited to announce the official launch of Mind To Move classes, and our first online course with Dance Base!

Mind To Move initially started out as a workshop and outreach programme that I delivered as a part of The Box Project. The workshops involved a sharing of The Box and discussions about the subject of mental health issues, as well as relaxation and movement exercises that focused on supporting mental health needs. Over the years I have been developing Mind To Move, and it has now evolved into a recognised mindful movement practice out with of The Box Project.

During lockdown, I began the development of Mind To Move into an independent mindful relaxation and movement class, and trailed our first Mind To Move classes online with great success. I am excited now to make an official launch of Mind To Move as a practice with Dance Base, and look forward to working with them to deliver these classes online!

Mind To Move classes are focused on supporting mental health and well-being needs and are open to all. You don't need to have experience of mental health issues to join, but are equally welcome to! The classes begin with exercises in breathing, relaxation, and visualisation, before moving into led movement improvisation.

The weekly classes I will be delivering with Dance Base will run for 5-week blocks every Monday from 7 - 7:30pm via Zoom, starting on the 9th of November.

For more information and to book the online course please visit:

You can also view the Upcoming Classes & Workshops page on our website for future classes and workshop dates.

I look forward to moving with you!


Past Mind To Move Online participant comments:

“I have found these sessions really powerful and moving emotionally + I have much enjoyed exploring new ways of opening and being more expansive through movement. Lovely energy. Incredibly helpful for me at a time of personal transition and particularly now as we all begin to explore how we move forward through lockdown. ”

“A lovely meditation...for the rest of the day I have felt peaceful...and having more energy”

“I feel very lucky to have been present with everyone in this powerful creative movement class these last few weeks. Safe and spacious, real moments of discovery, opening new possibilities in a short time together. Thank you everyone at JJG | DANCE for all creative attention and sensitivity in your approach.”

“A fabulous heart centred way of relieving tension, and moving to the beat of your own beautiful rhythm ”

“For me today was a moment I will definitely remember, both in the safety and joy of free flow and the lovely reflection that was there...for which I too am grateful”


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